The Man with the Pan - All about real food.

We launched the  first products of The Man With The Pan 8 years ago, we wanted to offer a responsible alternative to the unimaginative violence of the monopolists in the food industry.

We wanted to provide you with an alternative.  Our products should not only be free from additives but also tastier, nicer and more beautiful. Contributing to a healthy lifestyle is our basis


Our products are 100% natural, gluten-free and contain no msg, yeast extract or other artificial additives.


We were already fond of herbs and spices, the tastemakers of Mother Nature, but have fallen in love with it over the years. The possibilities of cooking with herbs, spices and dried vegetable powders are infinite and so healthy!

We like to share our passion with you and therefore we compose delicious spice blends and herbal salts to help you in the kitchen to cook deliciously and responsibly.

The mixing of herbs and spices is an art form that has existed for thousands of years, but has been put in a negative light because the industry in their meal mixes (packages) slowly replaced the herbs and spices with cheaper alternatives such as msg, yeast extract and aromas .


But even now, spice and spice mixes are regularly offered on the streets and markets of, for example, India, Thailand, Iran and Morocco. "Why do it difficult if it can be easy?" They think there too.

So those who prefer not to cook with bags and packages can choose the convenience of The Man With The Pan without losing face.


At The Man With The Pan we like to add our own touch to it. We like to be different and renew where necessary. Just look at our packaging. We deliberately opt for cutting edge design and striking photography. We design, photograph and illustrate everything ourselves. We do not have large marketing budgets, but that does not stop us from being very active on social media and developing nice extras like the free ebook with recipes.

We are not readily available yet. Alloer products are being sold in Marqt a small super markt chain and speciality shops in the Netherlands and in our online store.


 If you want to know where our products are for sale, go to our contact page and send us an email.


The Man with the Pan - What we stand for.




It has become a nature to us to purchase a considerable part of our food as ready-to-eat products that are prepared in large industrial ‘kitchens’. This by itself is not much of a problem, were it not that our food is tampered with on a large scale.

I believe that the food industry is a sleeping giant, bulging on enormous profits made every single year. These disproportional profits are made by replacing natural ingredients with artificial components. The giant looks for every possible way to save money by using sodium, salt substitutes, sugars and fat.

And of course this giant is not easily inclined to change his unholy cooking. He rather spends time lobbying in the political arena, to stay on top of his game.

The Man with the Pan prefers real food and offers honest, transparent alternatives. Developing great products, that is what TMWTP is about, and he has nothing to hide.

Buy with your mind, cook conscious meals and enjoy great food!




It would be great if food administration agencies such as the FDA would cease its policy of requiring companies to mention the poisonous contents on their product labels. A better alternative would be to provide us with information about products that are healthy for human consumption.




Meal kits, designed to save you time while cooking and still eat a good meal. Great idea. Except for the part where pretty much all of these meal kits are flavored with the same artificial flavor enhancers.

De-kit yourself and cook with real herbs and spices!




Salt is not a bad word, it’s even one of the most essential building blocks for the human body. However, be careful with all hidden salts in soups, sauces and ready-to-eat meals. We’re talking about glutamates (synthetic artificial flavor) and yeast extracts (fungi). These flavor substitutes are considerably worse than salt.

Product labels virtually always mention the use of sodium. Sodium is the concentrated version of sodium chloride (table salt) and is 2.5 times as strong as table salt. The average human can use up to 6 grams of salt per day.

Enjoy cooking your own meals with fresh products and honest seasoning such as sea salt, herbs and spices.




Prefab food is chock-full of it. A simple example:

Lemonade: 1 liter water, 3 limes and a little bit of sugar or stevia. That’s how fresh and healthy lemonade is made in minutes.

Lemonade purchased in stores today basically comes down to water, artificial flavors and 45 sugar cubes per liter.




Tomato soup should exist of tomatoes, spices, herbs and water. The industrial cooks however, manage to create a list with 33 questionable ingredients* to obtain a sweet sludge that, from my perspective, has hardly anything to do with tomato soup at all. This poses the serious question what on earth they are doing. But also why these products are still purchased on such a large scale.

*Tomato, vegetables, meat balls (pork, beef, water, potato starch, salt, pentasodium triphosphate, sodium polyphosphate, coriander, white pepper, meat extract, maltodextrin, aroma, palm oil), glucose syrup, sugar, palm oil, modified corn starch, salt, yeast extract, fructose, pepper, maltodextrin, oregano, laurel, thyme, aroma (contains wheat), vinegar (contains lactose).




Not everybody wants to become 100 years of age, and we don’t need to. Healthy aging is all about mindful eating. Of course there are many other influences, but for those you can control, don’t sooth yourself with indifference. Cook your own meals and live a healthier life.




Most commercials and other advertisements of the large food brands are an insult to your and my intelligence. They often tell a pretty lie. Have you ever noticed that these commercials are dominated by just a couple of large brands?

Complacency and disinterest will ultimately result in just a few large manufacturers, each offering just a few individual brands to choose from. All made from the same ingredients.




The most important ingredient of this fiendish little kitchen helper is made by dissolving low-fat, high-protein offal in a boiling hydrochloric acid solution. The excess hydrochloric acid is then offset using sodium hydroxide and thus converted to sodium chloride (table salt), this also explains the high levels of salt in bouillon cubes. After completing this process, filtering takes place and the residue is boiled to form the final product.

As a result of the EU-Eco-regulation, organic bouillon cubes in the European Union may not contain flavor enhancers. However, by adding yeast extracts with comparable quantities of monosodium glutamate, these products are still sold without mentioning flavor enhancers.

Glace de viande, or meat glaze, is the gastronomical predecessor of the bouillon cube. This is made by cooking bouillon to demi-glace. When this in its turn is cooked again, a highly concentrated meat extract is prepared. This can be used as a condiment in soups and sauces.




Drying, sterilizing, pasteurizing and freezing, these are all legitimate ways to preserve food. Clean your kitchen by eliminating as many products as you can that contain artificial flavors. Not only are they completely unnecessary, they are also simply unhealthy. Human kind has successfully preserved food for thousands of years, and we didn’t need sorbic acid, sodium sorbate, sulfur dioxide, tiabendazole and potassium nitrate in any of those centuries. (Just to name a handful of a long list of additives you simply don’t want in your body)




Everybody talks about it, sustainability, fair trade, green, eco, chain responsibility. Although they are all admirable in essence, they turned into hollow rhetoric abused by marketing departments. And who mentions ‘tasty’ these days?