Eclade de Moules

Delicious dish from Charente Maritime.
Mussels cooked by a fire of pine needles. This gives the mussels a delicious smoky taste.
Place the mussels upright, with the round wide side downwards and with the narrow pointed side upwards. Arrange all mussels together in the shape of a large circle. We have done it here in a large pan with holes in the bottom but on a wooden board works better. The mussels then open more easily. Hit a nail in the middle of the shelf and put mussels against it.
Cover the mussels with the pine needles and set the pine needles on fire. After firing the pine needles, check whether the mussels in the middle are also open. If not, cover the middle of the circle again with pine needles (remember, not on sides, those mussels are definitely open!) And set them on fire. Blow away all ashes. The mussels are now open and can be eaten.