Roasted Salts: more than just seasonings!

Flavors captured in salt?

Due to the unique roasting proces the salinization of ingredients such as wine, rum and fresh juices combined with high quality herbs, spices an extremely potent 100% natural flavorenhancer is created.

About Roasted Salt.

  1. Reduce salt use up to 40%.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. No MSG, NO YEAST ADDED, no anti-caking agents are added.
  4. Roasted salts are great to make soup. NO STOCK CUBES ARE NEEDED ANYMORE.
  5. Roasted salts are a true traveler’s friend.
  6. Flavor up to 175 steaks. Spice up at least 70 dishes. Enough flavor in 1 jar to make up 12 liters of soup.

No recipes needed.

  1. The art of salting.
  2. Pimp up your fish, steak, chicken, salads or veggies. Just squeeze a lemon and use high quality extra virgin olive oil and grind some Roasted Salt and you will eat like a king wherever you are.
  3. Tasting is believing.