Yam Pla Tu

Thai salads are my favorite salads. You have the Yam’s, the Tam’s and the Lap’s, the Phla’s. This one belongs to the yam series.  Besides the main ingredient, the basic recipe of a yam will nearly always contain sliced fresh shallots, onions, fish sauce, lime juice,, and fresh or dried chillies. When herbs are used, it is usually Chinese celery, sometimes in combination with other fresh herbs such as spearmint, coriander leaves, spring onions and culentro. Often finely sliced fresh spices such as lemongrass, ginger or galangal are also added.

This salad I had somewhere along the road in rural Thailand. It was bliss.

Ingredients: (for two people)

I mackerel (smoked), 2 Lemon Grass Sticks. 6 string beans, 4 fresh lime leaves, 4 Thai chillies, 1/3 Cup toasted peanuts (not salted), 2 red onions, Fresh spearmint, 2 Limes, 1/2 Tbs Fish sauce and 1 celery sprout.


Skin and finely chop the Lemon Grass, finely chop the chillies, hand full of peanuts, chop red onions, string beans, spearmint , shallots, lime leaves and  celery sprouts into very thin slices, making the salad:

Break the fish meat into a large mixing bowl taking care to remove all bones. Next squeeze in the juice of 2/3 lime and the fish sauce. Next the rest of the ingredients and mix well.